Xwdakan - Kurdish atheists / Bylaws

We are the United Kurdish atheists of Xwdakan and Diwaroj! We will be united and work as one movement.
A- Next election will take place 2021/07/17
B- All members are free to vote and participate in the election! (One person one vote policy). Elections will be democatic)
C- It is the responsibility of the president to lead the movement.

We are the United Kurdish atheists of Diwaroj and Xwdakan will be united and work as one movement and we accept the these terms!
1- We confront religious faith specially Islam, ("Why specially Islam?" Thats is becouse we are Kurds from Kurdistan and the area is dominated by Muslims.")
2- We do not accpet the concept of religion in any form and shape!
3- We are ex muslims, atheists and humanists and we are all together criticize religion and we want a secular world.
4- Our movement is for everyone, regardles of nationality and gender.
5- We believe in gender equality. (Women are equal to men)
6- We are not against muslims and christians and we don't hate them! (We only want to help them to understand the true nature of what we humans are).

Current elected president/Elected 2017/07/17
Mariwan Halabjaee
He is the public face and allso the auther of the book (Sex Sharia and Women in Islam)

He is allso the founder of Xwdakan and the center of the free voices (ناوه‌ندی ده‌نگه‌کان)
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